Ahlbrand Bronchial

Ahlbrand Bronchial

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Product information "Bronchial"

Bronchial consists of a variety of consciously selected herbs and supports the bronchial tubes and the immune system in a natural way. A proper oxygen uptake and the associated higher willingness to perform guarantee optimal performance and well-being of your horse.

Feeding recommendation:

2 times daily administer to the 15 - 20 gr.

What herbs can do:

In the following we would like to present a selection of herbs with their described effect:

Anise: support the respiratory tract, digestive

Comfrey: anti-inflammatory, digestive

Birch leaves: urinary stimulant

Marshmallow root: anti-irritant

Fennel: calming, stimulating secretion

St. John's wort: stimulates the digestive glands, relieves pain

Rosemary: appetizing, digestive stimulant

Yarrow: appetizing, digestive stimulant

licorice root: expectorant


Dried wild and aromatic herbs

Ahlbrand Equi Pectin

Ahlbrand Equi Pectin

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Product Information "Equi Pectin"

Equi Pectin with extracted apple pectin and lactic acid bacteria not only protects and repairs your horse's stomach and intestinal mucosa, but also brings the digestive tract back into the desired balance. Equi Pectin is successfully used in cases of gastric mucosa inflammation, digestive disorders such as fecal water or colic. It acts quickly, specifically and regulates digestion in a natural way.

Extracted pectin has a particularly fast and targeted effect and regulates digestion in a natural way.
3-fold effect of pectin
1. viscosity increase by binding free water in the digestive tract
2. formation of a protective layer on the gastric and small intestinal mucosa
3. prebiotic effect by building up and promoting healthy intestinal flora

Feeding recommendation:
- 10 g per 100 kg body weight for more severe digestive problems
- 5 g per 100 kg body weight for prophylactic administration
1 level measuring spoon = approx. 20 g (Ex: 3 measuring spoons for a large horse)


Apple wholemeal, citric acid, premix, lactic acid bacteria M 74.


Trace elements per kg: 87 mg iron, 5 mg zinc, 6 mg copper, 6 mg manganese.

6x109 CFU/kg Enterococcus faecium M74 NCIMB 11181 (EU Regulation No. 220/2001).


7.2% crude protein, 5.7% crude fat, 25.1% crude fiber, 2.1% crude ash, 3.2% starch, 0.2% lysine,

1,3 g calcium, 1,3 g phosphorus, 0,5 g magnesium, 5,5 g potassium, 0,1 g sodium

Ahlbrand Fertil 1,5kg

Ahlbrand Fertil 1,5kg

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Fertility of stallion & mare

Fertil helps to visibly improve the fertility of your mares and stallions. With its organically bound trace elements, essential vitamins and specially balanced biotechnological components, it produces excellent fertility results. Both the semen quality of your stallions and the heat of your mares and the embryonic early development are significantly increased.

Improving semen quality

To improve both sperm quality and quantity, studs need β-carotene. Supplementation via the precursor vitamin A allows for synthesis as needed when the supply from roughage is inadequate. Vitamin E, also known as the fertility vitamin, increases fertility and, as an antioxidant, incidentally improves performance and immune defense.

Typical horse behavior

An optimal supply of organic trace elements and appropriate vitamins will promote your mare's behavior in heat. Especially the supplementation of sufficient vitamin A promotes the β-carotene production, which is not only responsible for a pronounced rosette, but also promotes the development of mature follicles. In combination with zinc, it improves the production of fertility hormones and embryonic development.

Promoting early embryonic development

Numerous scientific studies prove the connection between an undersupply of zinc, selenium, manganese as well as copper in particular and a deficient formation of the foundation in foals. Developmental disorders of the skeleton (OC/osteochondrosis) and the formation of so-called bone chips (OCD/osteochondrosis dissecans), which already occur at embryonic age, are well-known problems of concern to breeders and can be prevented by the supplementary feed Fertil.

Ahlbrand Getreidefrei 20kg

Ahlbrand Getreidefrei 20kg

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The grain-free concentrate for nutritionally sensitive horses.

This complete muesli was specially designed for sensitive horses and horses with metabolic disorders in order to provide them with the nutrition they need in spite of a reduced sugar and starch diet. Grain-free relieves the metabolism and improves the large intestine flora due to the higher raw fiber content. This concentrate is characterized by palatability and ensures an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, digestible protein and healthy fatty acids.

Why grain-free?

Grain-free feeding is in the nature of the horse and brings many advantages. Reducing starches and sugars relieves stress on the digestive system and reduces the risk of gastritis. By adding fat and protein components, horses with a higher performance requirement are also covered energetically.

The danger of insulin resistance

Unnaturally high amounts of grain can lead to reduced sensitivity to sugar and, in the long run, cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also occurs in conjunction with the metabolic disorders EMS, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, or Cushing's Syndrome, which place a heavy burden on the metabolism. To counteract this, the sugar and starch content in our grain-free muesli is significantly reduced.

High structural content

The addition of fiber-rich components forces the horse to increase its chewing activity. The saliva produced as a result serves as an acid buffer in the stomach and, in addition to a healthier stomach and intestinal mucosa, ensures a balanced digestive system.

Ahlbrand Gold 15kg

Ahlbrand Gold 15kg

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Product information "Gold"
Ahlbrands Gold, a biotechnological innovation, as that certain extra in horse feeding. This supplement has been specially designed and is particularly suitable for horses that are growing, in a preparatory phase or in competitive sport. In the same way, it provides excellent support for fertility in stallions and mares. It optimizes muscle development, increases the will to work and at the same time ensures a strong nervous system by reducing stress.

Soybeans toasted, yeast, dried beet pulp, dextrose.


Vitamins per kg: 50,000 IU vitamin A (3a672a); 6668 IU vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) (3a671); 300 mg vitamin E (all-rac-alfa-tocoferyl acetate) (3a700)

Trace elements per kg: 60 mg copper as copper glycine chelate, hydrate (3b413); 242 mg iron as iron glycine chelate, hydrate (3b108); 110 mg manganese as manganese glycine chelate, hydrate (3b506); 260 mg zinc as zinc glycine hydrate (3b607); 6 mg iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous (3b202); 0.7 mg selenium as sodium selenate (3b801); 0.33 mg selenium as selenium yeast from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NCYC R397, inactivated (3b8.11)

Antioxidants per kg: 3 mg tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils (1b306(I)); ascorbyl palmitate (1b304)

Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants: 3 ,200 mg citric acid (E330); 2,136 mg silica, precipitated and dried (E551a)

5.4% crude ash,; 37% crude protein; 20.3% crude fat; 5.3% crude fiber; 0% sodium

Ahlbrand Horse Wash 1l

Ahlbrand Horse Wash 1l

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Product information "HORSE WASH"

The skin-friendly HORSE WASH not only cleans your horse's coat, but also protects it. It returns the necessary body oils to the coat to optimally support its protective function. Tail and mane become supple and easy to comb.


Add 100 ml HORSE WASH to 5 liters of water (= 2 %)


  1. Spray method
  • spray 2 % solution on the animal, let it act for 3 minutes
  • Rinse with water (low pressure)

  1. Manual application
  • apply 2 % solution with brush
  • Rinse with water (low pressure)

Application rate

Application quantity: approx. 3 - 5 liters of wash solution / horse

Use up the finished solution within 24 hours

Skin-friendly horse wash concentrate for external use - cleaning and protection at the same time!

Ahlbrand Pferde Menue 20KG

Ahlbrand Pferde Menue 20KG

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For particularly high demands

Our Premium Horse Muesli is the optimal supplement to roughage. It has been developed especially for the high demands of foals, broodmares, stallions and sport horses.

The quality of our raw materials is our top priority

This concentrate is equipped with only high-quality raw materials. It is not only particularly tasty, but has a number of components that are easily digestible for the gastrointestinal system. Unnecessary fillers were deliberately omitted in order to generate a lot of quality over little feed. Highly digestible components thus also allow foals and mares to be fed together.

Available energy

The intake of energy sources for maintenance and performance requirements can vary greatly. Besides the basic feed, in which mainly the fiber is the energy supplier, the energy in the concentrated feed comes mainly from the grain. Our horse menu has slow-, medium- and fast-available energy sources in broken down form, so that horses have sufficient strength and endurance even during hard work. To protect the gastric mucosa, we also rely on fat-containing feed components to avoid unnecessarily high amounts of concentrated feed and to relieve the metabolism.

Muscle work needs digestible protein

Linseed cake and soy extraction meal ensure an optimal supply of protein even at maximum performance. If this is partly contained in fresh grass in summer, we supplement the essential amino acids lysine and methionine with our horse menu. In the case of concentrated feed, it is not only the protein content that is important, but above all the digestibility of the amino acids. This determines how much is available to the horse and thus the muscles.

Ahlbrand Royal Mash 20kg

Ahlbrand Royal Mash 20kg

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The beneficial meal for your horse.

Royal Mash is a very digestible and tasty supplement that offers all the benefits of a high quality horse feed. It has an appetizing effect, is easily digestible and rebuilds weakened horses. In addition, it is versatile and helps with digestive disorders such as fecal water or diarrhea. It has also always proven effective for dental problems, during convalescence, after colic or surgery and in the period around foaling.

For more movement in the intestine

Fiber-rich bran and flaxseed contain a high proportion of mucilage, which is activated by infusing with hot water. These act as a protective layer with an anti-inflammatory effect on the attacked stomach and intestinal wall and stimulate digestion. The swollen bran and oil seeds promote peristalsis and bring the intestines, which are particularly weakened in colic patients, back into the desired balance.

Mash as an energy supplier

Due to its high nutrient density and good digestibility, Royal Mash is particularly suitable for horses that require additional energy for their daily needs in addition to their normal basic ration. Especially for senior horses suffering from age-related bite problems, the pulpy consistency facilitates chewing and provides energy that they can no longer absorb through roughage.

Constructive and digestible

Horses undergoing convalescence or a rebuilding phase after surgery benefit from the properties of Royal Mash. In addition to its function as an energy supplier and stimulator of digestion, it is very digestible and stimulates the appetite through its palatability. Thus, sick horses get back on their feet faster.

Valuable during the change of coat

The immune system is heavily stressed by the energy-consuming change of coat. Not yet visible to the horse owner, the coat change already begins at the winter and summer solstice, so that already from the end of December and the end of June the metabolism requires more energy and nutrients. Since the rich grass is missing in winter, our Royal Mash is recommended especially in winter. Very valuable are the contained linseeds, which provide your horse with essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

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