About us

You ride, we do the rest.

deckenpost is your new washing and delivery startup from Münsterland. As an innovative service partner for riding supplies, we save you the time and effort of washing and want to increase your joy of riding. The idea for deckenpost developed from a very personal wish of co-founder Carina. She is an enthusiastic rider and owner of two horses herself and knows what challenges riders face when it comes to laundry and service.

Every horse owner knows it: Our sport generates a lot of laundry. Most blankets don't fit in your own washing machine and the ones that do fit in ruin it - not to mention your own car. I wanted to spend my time with my horses rather than doing their laundry or having it cleaned. With the creation of deckenpost, the trudge of laundry, the dirty car, the dirty washing machine and the immense loss of time are a thing of the past.


So that you can fully focus on riding, we not only wash your clothes, but also deliver feed and other products free of charge to your riding stable. If you have a question about our products or services, our service team will personally take care of your request. Because we at deckenpost only want the best for your horse, the environment and you.

We are looking forward to you!