How does deckenpost?

The deckenpost service is digital and therefore absolutely unique. That's why we'll briefly explain how it works. You will notice that it is very simple!


Sign up

Sign up for free on our website so we can create your account and pick up and wash your dirty horse clothes.


Delivery of your deckenpost-bag

As soon as we have received your data, you will receive your own personalized deckenpost-bag in which you can collect your laundry. This is printed with a QR code that will take you to our online store.


Scan QR code and pack bag

You can place an order via our online store. To do so, scan the QR code on your bag with your smartphone or go to Add all your items to the shopping cart and complete your order in the checkout area. Now fill your deckenpost bag with all the textiles you want us to wash for you.


Collection and delivery of your bags

Drop off your deckenpost-bag at the collection point of your riding stable. There we will pick it up, wash the contents and bring it back a week later with the clean items. On this occasion we also deliver feed or care products, which you can order via our online store.


Ride out

Now you can equip your horse with the clean clothes and ride off. Have fun!