Mühldorfer 5-Korn Plus 20kg

Mühldorfer 5-Korn Plus 20kg

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Mühldorfer 5-Korn Plus is a high-quality and easily digestible all-round horse muesli without oats.


  • Made from corn, barley, wheat, linseed and sunflower seeds.
  • particularly digestible
  • designed to be energy specific
  • meets all requirements of a balanced diet
  • guarantees the supply of all important vitamins, minerals, bulk and trace elements
  • oat-free
  • highly solubilized
  • high-quality treacle ensures good shelf life and replaces chemical preservatives
  • high quality cereals from controlled cultivation
  • with 5 healthy cereals
  • pellet-free
  • tasty
  • improved energy yield

Mühldorfer 5-Korn Plus is particularly suitable:

  • for digestive disorders
  • for all horses
  • for leisure horses and sport horses

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