Agrobs AlpenGrün Mash 5kg
Agrobs AlpenGrün Mash 5kg

Agrobs AlpenGrün Mash 5kg

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AGROBS AlpenGrün Mash

is based on Prenatura fibers and consists mainly of warm air dried leaves of grasses, seeds and herbs. They are characterized by a high content of important natural substances such as trace elements, vitamins and secondary plant substances. It provides the horse with important, easily digestible crude fiber and actively promotes intestinal health and the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, especially due to its prebiotic properties. As a result the amount of spoilage bacteria and gas-forming bacteria in the large intestine can be reduced. Flaxseed granules and psyllium provide a high mucilage content, which coats the stomach and intestinal mucosa with a protective film. They can help maintain intact mucosal health and regenerate irritated mucous membranes after illnesses, medication, deworming or stress. The unsaturated fatty acids they contain can also have a positive effect on skin and coat structure. Carefully dried beet, carrots, apples and parsnips make AlpenGrün Mash a particularly tasty meal. Even without molasses, picky horses like to eat it. AlpenGrün Mash also contains easily digestible pectin, which benefits healthy intestinal flora. Dried rosehip peels are rich in vitamin C and can be very valuable for strengthening the immune system. Fennel and coriander can optimally support digestion and thus perfectly round off AlpenGrün Mash. Quite deliberately, AlpenGrün Mash does not contain cereals, bran and molasses and is therefore also excellent for metabolism-sensitive horses, for daily feeding, as well as a cure (eg after colic or in the change of coat)!


  • can also be mixed with cold water
  • free of grain and bran
  • mainly consisting of warm air dried leaves of grasses, seeds and herbs
  • free of molasses
  • with dried rosehip peel for nutrient-bound support of the immune system
  • with flax granules (free of hydrocyanic acid) and psyllium
  • without artificial additives
  • optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio
  • prebiotic
  • rich in intestinal mucilage
  • rich in crude fiber
  • quick and easy to prepare
  • very tasty due to the addition of beet, carrot, apple and parsnip
  • daily feeding possible
  • digestive due to fennel and caraway seeds

AGROBS AlpenGrün Mash is particularly suitable

  • as supplementary feed to the normal feed ration
  • for heavy-fed horses
  • in case of digestive disharmony
  • for older horses
  • for horses sensitive to metabolism (laminitis, EMS, PSSM, Cushing)
  • for horses sensitive to digestion as a preventive measure
  • before and during the change of coat
  • for regeneration or as restorative feed

Please always follow the manufacturer's instructions and directions before use!

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