Agrobs Grünhafer 15kg
Agrobs Grünhafer 15kg

Agrobs Grünhafer 15kg

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AGROBS Grünhafer is a particularly tasty cereal substitute, with a low starch content and a high crude fiber content, which can extend feeding times. It is molasses-free, rich in natural vitamins and trace elements and naturally regulates the acid-base balance. Green oats are particularly suitable for horses sensitive or allergic to cereals. Its beneficial properties can stimulate the metabolism, support digestion and strengthen the immune system, it also has an optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio.


  • especially tasty
  • molasses-free
  • with balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • low starch and sugar content
  • rich in natural vitamins and trace elements
  • rich in crude fiber
  • harvested shortly after flowering (before starch is incorporated into the grain)

AGROBS green oats is particularly suitable:

  • as a cereal substitute
  • as a natural feed rich in crude fiber for horses sensitive to starch
  • for horses with sensitive intestines
  • for horses sensitive to metabolism
  • for the regulation of the acid-base balance

Please always follow the manufacturer's instructions and directions before use!

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