Agrobs Horse Alpin Senior 15kg
Agrobs Horse Alpin Senior 15kg

Agrobs Horse Alpin Senior 15kg

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AGROBS Horse Alpin Senior is a raw fiber-rich feed supplement for older horses that are losing body weight and those with chewing problems that have difficulty ingesting their hay adequately. Easily digestible protein and amino acids can promote healthy muscle metabolism, and young horses in the process of building muscle also benefit from the high-quality myoalpin fibers on which Horse Alpin Senior is based. Barley and corn flakes provide the necessary energy, cold-pressed linseed cake provides the horse with omega-3 fatty acids and valuable mucilage for the digestive tract. Carrot chips provide natural ß-carotene as well as other important trace elements. HORSE ALPIN SENIOR does not contain molasses or artificial preservatives to avoid additional stress on the metabolism.


  • Contains cold-pressed linseed cake and gently dried carrot chips.
  • with corn and barley, thermally broken down
  • Myoalpin fibers provide high quality protein
  • without alfalfa
  • without added molasses and artificial preservatives
  • optimal protein-energy ratio

AGROBS Horse Alpin Senior is particularly suitable:

  • as a complete feed for old horses
  • as a supplement to basic feed
  • also for young horses
  • for muscle loss and loss of substance in old age
  • for muscle build-up, also for young horses

Please always follow the manufacturer's instructions and directions before use!

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