Agrobs Kraftpaket 20kg
Agrobs Kraftpaket 20kg

Agrobs Kraftpaket 20kg

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AGROBS Kraftpaket is an energy-rich horse feed, which is used in case of increased physical performance, without unnecessarily burdening the organism. The power pack consists of a very efficient and protein-rich mixed ratio of meadow grasses and herbs, alfalfa and whole corn plant. Therefore, in addition to a healthy, natural source of protein, the horse is also provided with highly digestible starch. The high-fiber combination is particularly well tolerated, so that the horse's digestion and metabolism are less stressed, such as with a cereal-rich diet. The controlled grassland cultivation and the gentle drying and processing of all plants can preserve nutrients and vitamins. A high content of essential amino acids, natural ß-carotene and vitamin E can optimally cover the daily needs of sport horses, breeding horses, young horses and seniors.


  • from controlled cultivation
  • does not burden the metabolism
  • rich in fiber
  • free from molasses, dust and binders
  • feed for horses with high energy needs
  • high content of native trace elements
  • mixture of extremely effective plant components
  • with meadow grasses, herbs, alfalfa and whole corn plants
  • rich in highly digestible starch
  • rich in high-quality protein (amino acids)
  • rich in ß-carotene and vitamin E
  • gently dried and processed

AGROBS Power Pack is particularly suitable

  • as a protein and energy supplier
  • as concentrate or cereal substitute
  • for old horses
  • for supplementary feeding
  • to enhance hay, silage and pasture, especially in the winter months
  • for upgrading the daily feed ration according to requirements
  • to supplement the basic feed
  • for year-round coverage of the vital substance requirements of sport horses, breeding horses and young horses

Please always follow the manufacturer's instructions and directions before use!

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