Agrobs Luzerne Plus 15kg
Agrobs Luzerne Plus 15kg

Agrobs Luzerne Plus 15kg

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AGROBS Luzerne Plus is a starch and sugar reduced supplementary feed for horses and ponies, in sport and leisure, which can serve as a cereal substitute. Thanks to a balanced mixture of 4:1 (Bavarian alfalfa: green oats), it provides high-quality raw fiber. As a structured feed, Luzerne+ can provide an optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio in grain feeding and meet the increasing demand for high-quality amino acids, for example in muscle training. The warm air-dried chaff can slow down feed intake in over-hasty eaters and thus stimulate saliva production. The addition of linseed and linseed yolk oil may have an additional positive effect on the digestive tract.


  • Free from additives, molasses and cereals
  • grain substitute
  • ideal composition of Bavarian alfalfa plus green oats
  • can stimulate the metabolism
  • can support the immune system
  • can stimulate the digestion of horses and ponies
  • with coarse structured fibers
  • with linseed and gold-of-pleasure oil
  • rich in essential amino acids
  • rich in native vitamins and minerals
  • dust-free and hygienic
  • low in starch, fructan and sugar
  • combines the positive feed properties of both plants

AGROBS Luzerne Plus is particularly suitable

  • as a supplement to the basic feed
  • as a cereal substitute or supplement
  • as supplementary feed in case of inferior basic feed quality
  • for horses and ponies that eat hastily for slower feed intake
  • for nervous and temperamental horses and ponies
  • for horses and ponies in development
  • for sport horses and ponies
  • for starch and sugar sensitive horses and ponies
  • for horses and ponies sensitive to digestion
  • for breeding horses and ponies
  • for horses and ponies that are too thin and heavy-fed
  • for horses and ponies with increased energy requirements

Please always follow the manufacturer's instructions and directions before use!

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