AGROBS Luzernecobs 20kg
AGROBS Luzernecobs 20kg

AGROBS Luzernecobs 20kg

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AGROBS Luzernecobs is a horse feed consisting of the whole alfalfa plant. Alfalfa is an ideal concentrate feed, especially for breeding, sport and young horses. A major advantage of alfalfa is that it does not stress the digestive tract and metabolism of horses like grain feeding. Nevertheless, it can provide enough energy. The high calcium content of alfalfa can also balance phosphorus-rich diets from rich grain feeding, restoring the balance of calcium to phosphorus. The calcium found in alfalfa is an important component of healthy bone growth in young horses and can prevent bone damage in sport and performance horses. Alfalfa cobs are molasses-free and, thanks to gentle drying and processing, contain abundant natural nutrients, vitamins and high-quality protein (amino acids).


  • Cobs, 9 mm Ø
  • free from dust and binders
  • can support bone structure
  • free of molasses
  • with the full content of vitamins and nutrients of the whole plant
  • rich in high quality protein (amino acids)
  • gently dried and processed

AGROBS Luzernecobs is particularly suitable

  • as a supplement to the basic feed
  • as a concentrate or grain substitute
  • as a supplier of essential amino acids
  • for horses with high energy requirements
  • for breeding, sport and young horses
  • for the enhancement of hay, silage and pasture

Please always observe the manufacturer's specifications and instructions before use!

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