Agrobs Naturmineral 3kg
Agrobs Naturmineral 3kg

Agrobs Naturmineral 3kg

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AGROBS Naturmineral is a mineral feed for horses, which can provide to balance a daily basic supply of all important minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin E and selenium can contribute to healthy muscle function, while brewer's yeast can positively support the intestinal flora. Skin, coat and hoof horn can benefit from addition by B vitamins, zinc and biotin. Grain feeding can lead to an unfavorable cacium-phosphorus ratio, which can be balanced here by calcium-containing seaweed lime. Agrobs Natural Mineral is molasses-free and provides essential fatty acids through high-quality oils such as black cumin, sunflower and linseed oil, which can contribute significantly to the health of horses. In addition, this mineral feed has a low starch and sugar content and can therefore provide optimal mineral balance even for sensitive horses with metabolic problems or allergies.


  • Based on the proven Pre Alpin dry green fibers
  • grain-free
  • molasses-free
  • with B vitamins, zinc and biotin for the supply of skin, coat and hoof horn
  • with brewer's yeast Yea-Sacc 1026 for an intact intestinal flora
  • with vitamin E and selenium for muscle supply
  • natural source of cacium through seaweed lime
  • rich in essential fatty acids, such as black cumin, sunflower and linseed oil
  • rich in essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements mainly in organic form
  • low in starch and sugar

AGROBS Naturmineral is particularly suitable:

  • also for feed-sensitive and metabolism-sensitive horses
  • for supplementary feeding to pasture grass, hay and cereals
  • to balance a good calcium-phosphorus ratio when feeding cereals
  • to compensate for gaps in supply due to feeding conditions
  • for daily basic supply with all important minerals, vitamins and trace elements

Please always observe the manufacturer's information and instructions before use!

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