Ahlbrand Fertil 1,5kg

Ahlbrand Fertil 1,5kg

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Fertility of stallion & mare

Fertil helps to visibly improve the fertility of your mares and stallions. With its organically bound trace elements, essential vitamins and specially balanced biotechnological components, it produces excellent fertility results. Both the semen quality of your stallions and the heat of your mares and the embryonic early development are significantly increased.

Improving semen quality

To improve both sperm quality and quantity, studs need β-carotene. Supplementation via the precursor vitamin A allows for synthesis as needed when the supply from roughage is inadequate. Vitamin E, also known as the fertility vitamin, increases fertility and, as an antioxidant, incidentally improves performance and immune defense.

Typical horse behavior

An optimal supply of organic trace elements and appropriate vitamins will promote your mare's behavior in heat. Especially the supplementation of sufficient vitamin A promotes the β-carotene production, which is not only responsible for a pronounced rosette, but also promotes the development of mature follicles. In combination with zinc, it improves the production of fertility hormones and embryonic development.

Promoting early embryonic development

Numerous scientific studies prove the connection between an undersupply of zinc, selenium, manganese as well as copper in particular and a deficient formation of the foundation in foals. Developmental disorders of the skeleton (OC/osteochondrosis) and the formation of so-called bone chips (OCD/osteochondrosis dissecans), which already occur at embryonic age, are well-known problems of concern to breeders and can be prevented by the supplementary feed Fertil.

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