Ahlbrand Getreidefrei 20kg

Ahlbrand Getreidefrei 20kg

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The grain-free concentrate for nutritionally sensitive horses.

This complete muesli was specially designed for sensitive horses and horses with metabolic disorders in order to provide them with the nutrition they need in spite of a reduced sugar and starch diet. Grain-free relieves the metabolism and improves the large intestine flora due to the higher raw fiber content. This concentrate is characterized by palatability and ensures an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, digestible protein and healthy fatty acids.

Why grain-free?

Grain-free feeding is in the nature of the horse and brings many advantages. Reducing starches and sugars relieves stress on the digestive system and reduces the risk of gastritis. By adding fat and protein components, horses with a higher performance requirement are also covered energetically.

The danger of insulin resistance

Unnaturally high amounts of grain can lead to reduced sensitivity to sugar and, in the long run, cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also occurs in conjunction with the metabolic disorders EMS, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, or Cushing's Syndrome, which place a heavy burden on the metabolism. To counteract this, the sugar and starch content in our grain-free muesli is significantly reduced.

High structural content

The addition of fiber-rich components forces the horse to increase its chewing activity. The saliva produced as a result serves as an acid buffer in the stomach and, in addition to a healthier stomach and intestinal mucosa, ensures a balanced digestive system.

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