Ahlbrand Royal Mash 20kg

Ahlbrand Royal Mash 20kg

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The beneficial meal for your horse.

Royal Mash is a very digestible and tasty supplement that offers all the benefits of a high quality horse feed. It has an appetizing effect, is easily digestible and rebuilds weakened horses. In addition, it is versatile and helps with digestive disorders such as fecal water or diarrhea. It has also always proven effective for dental problems, during convalescence, after colic or surgery and in the period around foaling.

For more movement in the intestine

Fiber-rich bran and flaxseed contain a high proportion of mucilage, which is activated by infusing with hot water. These act as a protective layer with an anti-inflammatory effect on the attacked stomach and intestinal wall and stimulate digestion. The swollen bran and oil seeds promote peristalsis and bring the intestines, which are particularly weakened in colic patients, back into the desired balance.

Mash as an energy supplier

Due to its high nutrient density and good digestibility, Royal Mash is particularly suitable for horses that require additional energy for their daily needs in addition to their normal basic ration. Especially for senior horses suffering from age-related bite problems, the pulpy consistency facilitates chewing and provides energy that they can no longer absorb through roughage.

Constructive and digestible

Horses undergoing convalescence or a rebuilding phase after surgery benefit from the properties of Royal Mash. In addition to its function as an energy supplier and stimulator of digestion, it is very digestible and stimulates the appetite through its palatability. Thus, sick horses get back on their feet faster.

Valuable during the change of coat

The immune system is heavily stressed by the energy-consuming change of coat. Not yet visible to the horse owner, the coat change already begins at the winter and summer solstice, so that already from the end of December and the end of June the metabolism requires more energy and nutrients. Since the rich grass is missing in winter, our Royal Mash is recommended especially in winter. Very valuable are the contained linseeds, which provide your horse with essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

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