Ahlbrand Bronchial

Ahlbrand Bronchial

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Product information "Bronchial"

Bronchial consists of a variety of consciously selected herbs and supports the bronchial tubes and the immune system in a natural way. A proper oxygen uptake and the associated higher willingness to perform guarantee optimal performance and well-being of your horse.

Feeding recommendation:

2 times daily administer to the 15 - 20 gr.

What herbs can do:

In the following we would like to present a selection of herbs with their described effect:

Anise: support the respiratory tract, digestive

Comfrey: anti-inflammatory, digestive

Birch leaves: urinary stimulant

Marshmallow root: anti-irritant

Fennel: calming, stimulating secretion

St. John's wort: stimulates the digestive glands, relieves pain

Rosemary: appetizing, digestive stimulant

Yarrow: appetizing, digestive stimulant

licorice root: expectorant


Dried wild and aromatic herbs

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