Ahlbrand Equi Pectin

Ahlbrand Equi Pectin

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Product Information "Equi Pectin"

Equi Pectin with extracted apple pectin and lactic acid bacteria not only protects and repairs your horse's stomach and intestinal mucosa, but also brings the digestive tract back into the desired balance. Equi Pectin is successfully used in cases of gastric mucosa inflammation, digestive disorders such as fecal water or colic. It acts quickly, specifically and regulates digestion in a natural way.

Extracted pectin has a particularly fast and targeted effect and regulates digestion in a natural way.
3-fold effect of pectin
1. viscosity increase by binding free water in the digestive tract
2. formation of a protective layer on the gastric and small intestinal mucosa
3. prebiotic effect by building up and promoting healthy intestinal flora

Feeding recommendation:
- 10 g per 100 kg body weight for more severe digestive problems
- 5 g per 100 kg body weight for prophylactic administration
1 level measuring spoon = approx. 20 g (Ex: 3 measuring spoons for a large horse)


Apple wholemeal, citric acid, premix, lactic acid bacteria M 74.


Trace elements per kg: 87 mg iron, 5 mg zinc, 6 mg copper, 6 mg manganese.

6x109 CFU/kg Enterococcus faecium M74 NCIMB 11181 (EU Regulation No. 220/2001).


7.2% crude protein, 5.7% crude fat, 25.1% crude fiber, 2.1% crude ash, 3.2% starch, 0.2% lysine,

1,3 g calcium, 1,3 g phosphorus, 0,5 g magnesium, 5,5 g potassium, 0,1 g sodium

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