LEXA Allgäuwiesen Mash 15kg

LEXA Allgäuwiesen Mash 15kg

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The grain-free mash with the power of nature from the Allgäu. With prebiotic effective natural substances such as linseed extraction meal, brewer's yeast, and pectin-containing fiber, such as chicory pulp. Low in sugar and starch. Free of molasses and grain and grain by-products.

This completely grain-free mash allows horses with intolerances and allergies to grains to enjoy mash to the fullest. Mash has had a valuable position in the feeding of horses since time immemorial, as mash has many positive effects on digestion and regeneration. The cereal components normally contained in mash have been consistently avoided in the recipe of Allgäuwiesen Mash and replaced by natural substances that support digestion. Linseed extraction meal is used selectively, which forms valuable mucilage and thus harmonizes the stomach and intestines. Low-sugar dried pulp provides prebiotically effective pectins, which have a positive stimulating effect on the intestinal flora. Brewer's yeast provides valuable enzymes and natural B vitamins to promote intact intestinal flora. Meadow fibers from the Allgäu round out the metabolism-friendly formula. Black cumin and linseed oil provide valuable essential fatty acids, which can have a positive effect on the entire metabolism and immune system.

Special properties of Allgäuwiesen Mash:

  • Completely free from cereals and cereal by-products.
  • Low in sugar and starch, free of molasses
  • With hay and alfalfa flakes from the Allgäu region
  • very tasty - ideal also for fussy horses
  • additionally enriched with brewer's yeast to provide enzymes and B vitamins in a natural way
  • quick preparation with warm and cold water
  • due to the high proportion of effective ingredients, small amounts of feed are sufficient (large horse: 500 g per day)
  • can be used daily

Ideally suited

  • for horses sensitive to metabolism
  • for horses sensitive to cereals
  • for horses with dental problems
  • for horses sensitive to stomach and intestines
  • on standing days
  • support of regeneration and during the change of coat
  • Variety of feeding for sensitive horses


30 % linseed meal, alfalfa (flakes), beet pulp (molasses-free + low sugar), hay (flakes), brewer's grains, 2 % brewer's yeast, linseed oil, 1 % chicory pulp, sunflower cake from hulled seed, black cumin, pea flakes

Dosage recommendation

Large horses up to 500 g per day. Small horses up to 400 g per day. Ponies up to 300 g per day. Mix Allgäuwiesen Mash with 1.5 to 2 times the amount of water and allow to swell for 20 minutes.

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