ATCOM Digest Plus 5kg

ATCOM Digest Plus 5kg

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For the nutritional stabilization of the intestinal flora.

Horses have a very sensitive digestive system, not least because of their anatomical constitution. In combination with feeding errors or with the administration of unsuitable or hygienically contaminated feeds, disturbances often occur. Likewise, worming and the administration of medication can negatively affect the horse's sensitive gastrointestinal system. These disturbances can manifest themselves, for example, in the form of fecal water problems or diarrhea. However, an intact and functioning digestive system is the cornerstone of the horse's vitality and a prerequisite for the nutrients and vital substances offered through the feed to be optimally absorbed and utilized by the body. In addition to eliminating the causes, natural substances in combination with vitamins and herbs provide reliable support for the sensitive intestinal tract.

Special properties of ATCOM DIGEST-PLUS:

  • With high fiber content and pectins that can bind excess water in the intestine
  • Proven support of the intestinal flora with inulin and special yeasts that can promote the proliferation of good intestinal bacteria
  • Secondary plant ingredients from the yucca plant can harmonize the intestinal flora
  • Licorice root and milk thistle seeds to support liver metabolism
  • Support nutrients for the digestive system
  • Contains bentonite, which can bind toxins and heavy metals.

Ideally suited:

  • Horses with sensitivities of the intestinal tract.
  • for horses with poor feed conversion or to build up in case of poor feed condition
  • can promote the binding of excess water in the intestine

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