ATCOM ECS-Vital ® 5kg

ATCOM ECS-Vital ® 5kg

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The high-quality all-round care for older, metabolism-sensitive horses.

Awarded by consumer magazine with the grade 1.2 in the category: mineral feed horse

Equine Cushing Syndrome (ECS) is a hormonal disorder (in the pituitary gland) that occurs as horses age. Often horses become sensitive to this hormonal disorder after the age of 15, but younger horses can also be affected. Often, these horses also become susceptible to laminitis. These metabolic problems and age of the horse require adapted feeding for these horses. Often the avoidance of easily available carbohydrates (grain, bran) is appropriate and feeds such as unmelted beet pulp, hay cobs, alfalfa and special protein preparations are recommended. Furthermore, a high-quality supply of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids is advisable for nutritional support of vitality and general well-being.

Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements are jointly responsible for the well-being, the metabolism and also the body's own immune defense. Especially old and sensitive horses have a high demand for these vital substances.

A high content of vitamin E is important for good antioxidant support of the sensitive cells. Since in older horses the self-synthesis of vitamin C and the B vitamins in the intestine can decrease, Atcom ECS-VITAL contains needs-based amounts of these important vital substances to support the entire metabolism, the immune system and digestion.
Furthermore, the administration of Atcom ECS-Vital ensures the increased need for trace elements such as zinc. Zinc is involved in important processes in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Also liver loads cause, as well as an increased load of the immune system and stress, an individual additional need for zinc. Furthermore, zinc is jointly responsible for the physiological growth of the hoof horn as well as for skin and hair. Older horses also have twice the daily requirement of this important trace element.

The particularly high-quality amino acids contained in Atcom ECS-VITAL (5.0% lysine, 3.1% methionine, 0.3% cystine) improve the qualitative protein supply, which can benefit the muscles, horn quality and the entire immune system.

Moreover, the lecithin and B vitamins contained in Atcom ECS-VITAL support liver metabolism and also carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, lecithin is said to have a promoting effect on the elasticity and moisture of the hoof horn.

Atcom ECS-VITAL contains yeasts and bentonite-montmorillonite in addition to a broad spectrum of all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which is also specially adapted to the age and metabolic situation. The intestinal flora stabilizing effect of the yeast cultures is supplemented by the clay mineral bentonite. Thus the vital substance variety in Atcom ECS-Vital is rounded off by intestinal and liver protection as well as prevention of toxins.

Atcom ECS-Vital thus offers a complete and targeted all-round supply of all vital substances and is especially suitable for older horses sensitive to metabolism. The high-quality composition and nutrient composition is low in sugar and starch.

These special properties distinguish Atcom ECS-Vital:

  • complete mineral feed in premium quality ensures in highly available form the basic needs of essential vital substances of the deer and / or metabolism sensitive horse and prevents nutritional deficiency symptoms.
  • the active ingredients contained are ideal for nutritional support of the older horse with sensitivity in the hormonal system
  • the specially balanced active ingredients canimprovethe general condition and contribute tothe well-being of the horse
  • free of molasses, cereal components and glucose for optimal tolerance
  • only 0.2% sugar and 0.7% starch
  • enriched with biotin and essential hoof nutrients (methionine, cystine, lecithin, zinc) for specific support of the hoof horn
  • with organically bound copper, manganese, zinc and selenium
  • liver protection and prevention of toxins thanks to bentonite, B vitamins and lecithin
  • canfacilitatethe coat change
  • special nutrients such as biotin, organic trace elements and diatomaceous earth can support skin function and metabolism
  • with the extra plus of vitamin E, organic magnesium and essential amino acids (5% lysine, 3.1% methionine, 0.3% cystine) to support the overall muscle metabolism and muscle building
  • the high-quality all-round supply intensifies the color and shine of the hair coat
  • optimal selenium supply, since Germany is selenium deficient area

Atcom ECS-Vital is ideally suited

  • for high-quality all-round supply specially adapted to the feeding of the horse sensitive to deer and/or metabolism as well as for older horses with sensitivity in the hormone system

General tips for the nutritional support of horses with ECS:

  • adequate amounts of hay (possibly in combination with straw) approx. 1.5 to 2.0 kg hay per 100 kg body weight
  • if the horse is sensitive to laminitis, pay attention to the fructan and sugar content of the hay - water the hay if necessary
  • feed reduced sugar and starch (be careful with cereals and concentrated feed)
  • Sufficient supply of amino acids (via ECS-VITAL)
  • Sufficient supply of minerals, vitamins and trace elements (via ECS-VITAL)

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