ATCOM Gastro Sensitive Comp. 1kg

ATCOM Gastro Sensitive Comp. 1kg

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A species-appropriate diet is of great importance. A sufficient amount of basic feed (at least 1.5 kg - 2 kg of hay per 100 kg of body weight per day), limited amounts of easily digestible concentrated feed (if necessary for the horse's performance) and an optimal feeding technique must be considered. In addition, a special combination of nutrients and natural substances has proved very effective in protecting the stomach.

Special properties of ATCOM GASTRO SENSITIVE Comp.

  • the natural power of aloe vera has always been known for its harmonizing effect on the stomach and digestive tract*
  • the minerals magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate act as acid buffers and can develop stabilizing properties on the stomach pH
  • with lecithin to support the gastric mucosal protective layer
  • with live yeasts to promote intestinal flora
  • with vitamin E, organically bound selenium and zinc to increase cell protection and protect sensitive mucous membranes.

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