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The high-quality all-round supply for the nutritional optimization of hoof growth and hoof horn quality.

Optimal hoof treatment, nutrition and husbandry are essential prerequisites for good hooves. Many horses today suffer from hoof problems in the broadest sense. For example, hooves are either brittle, crumbly or too soft, have cracks or crevices, do not grow quickly enough or are too low in the heels. The irons last only a short time. Hollow or loose walls can also occur as a result of poor hoof quality.

The causes for this are mostly, in relation to earlier, nutrient-poor basic nutrition. Many horses today also suffer from impaired intestinal flora, so that the nutrients supplied - if any - cannot be optimally utilized by the organism. Increased concentrate feeding, especially of starch-rich feeds, exacerbates this. From our point of view, the selection of feedstuffs as well as the supplementation of special nutrients is of great importance.

Why does biotin alone often not help?

Many horse owners try to get the problems under control by supplementing biotin, but usually without much success. The addition of biotin alone to the basic diet usually shows only minor improvements or none at all. Studies have also shown that only a fraction of horses with hoof problems suffer from a biotin deficiency. On the other hand, the majority of horses with hoof problems show no improvement with just supplemental feeding of biotin. The structure of the hoof horn is softened overall in these horses. Here, the organism lacks the nutrients necessary for the formation of an optimal intercellular cement. As is now known, the sulfur-containing amino acids in particular, but also zinc and other nutrients are of great importance here.


ATCOM HOOF-VITAL® ensures a comprehensive supplementation with all vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements (23 vital substances) in daily feeding, including biotin, zinc, diatomaceous earth and lecithin as well as vitamin B12, which is important for liver metabolism. Furthermore, Atcom HUF-VITAL® contains value-determining ingredients such as the amino acids methionine and cysteine, which are essential for keratin formation. Specific natural nutrients from herbs, linseed oil (with the important omega-3 fatty acids), alfalfa and seaweed round out the high-quality composition. In addition, the individual ingredients contain other natural ingredients such as inositol and tyrosine.

Thus, ATCOM HUF-VITAL® can not only provide the organism with nutrients necessary for optimal hoof horn quality, but also provides a holistic supplement with specific nutrients of the highest quality that can have a positive effect on the entire organism.

The yeast contained in ATCOM HUF-VITAL® can also stabilize the intestinal flora,

which ensures optimal utilization of the basic feed. The added herbs and micronutrients can improve the oxygen supply to the cells and create biological reserves. This can not only visibly improve hoof horn growth and quality. Certainly reasons why Atcom HUF-VITAL® is used for more than 10 years by veterinarians, farriers and horse owners as a proven supplementary feed and many of our customers have already had very positive experiences with AtTCOM HUF-VITAL®.

By supplementing ATCOM HUF-VITAL® you can support your horse during the coat change, improve tail and mane growth, give the coat a more intense color with a beautiful shine and optimize feed conversion. All this clearly benefits the general appearance. You can observe clear results already within a short time, usually 4 to 8 weeks.

European soils are low in selenium!

Since European soils are low in selenium, ATCOM HUF-VITAL® contains the selenium necessary for optimal metabolic function. This element is often demonized, but in the right amounts it is an important trace element. It has been shown to have an antioxidant function and can have a positive effect on skeletal muscle, the liver, reproductive organs, thyroid function and the immune system.

Selenium is considered an essential trace element for humans and animals. Thedistance to the toxic dose is clearly maintained in Atcom HUF-VITAL®! Furthermore, the minerals and trace elements contained in Atcom HUF-VITAL® are mostly contained as organic compounds. Studies indicate that organic compounds are significantly better utilizable.

Please note: feeds that are not produced in Germany often contain too little or no selenium for our German soil conditions. For these products, additional selenium supplementation is necessary.

ATCOM HUF-VITAL® does not contain animal proteins! Atcom HUF-VITAL® is free of artificial flavorings and artificial preservatives. It is certified by a

QS and ISO 9001-2008 certified German feed manufacturer according to the strict guidelines of the German feed law.

These special properties characterize ATCOM HUF-VITAL® distinguishes:

  • high-quality supplementary feed in premium quality ensures in highly available form the basic needs of all essential minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids and reliably prevents nutritional deficiencies
  • the active ingredients contained create a nutritional optimization of hoof growth and hoof horn quality.
  • with organically bound copper, manganese, zinc and selenium
  • intestine-supporting vital substance complex from special yeasts, B-vitamins, antioxidants and herbs
  • the contained active substances canfacilitatethe coat change and a thereby
  • andprevent theassociated loss of condition
  • strengthens liver function through micronutrients and lecithin
  • supports the utilization of nutrients and the intestinal flora through special yeasts, B vitamins and proven herbs
  • for targeted nutritional support of vitality and zest for life
  • with vitamin E, organic magnesium and essential amino acids for support of muscle metabolism
  • the high-quality all-round supply with special active substances canintensify the color and shine of the coat as well as improve tail and mane growth
  • with integrated optimal selenium supply, since Germany is selenium deficiency area.
  • used for more than 10 years by veterinarians, farriers and horse owners as a proven supplementary feed

ATCOM HUF-VITAL® is specially endeveloped for horses suffering from hoof problems such as:

  • brittle or crumbly hooves
  • too soft hooves
  • cracks or splits in the hooves
  • slow growing hooves
  • tendency to problems of the frog or white line
  • hollow or loose walls
  • active ingredients contained

ATCOM HUF-VITAL® is ideally suited:

  • for high-quality all-round care specially adapted for nutritional optimization of hoof growth and hoof horn quality.

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