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ATCOM RE'CARE is a liquid feed supplement for the support of horses sensitive to metabolism.

Metabolic disorders are not uncommon nowadays. ATCOM RE`CARE supports your horse in a natural way and increases the general well-being. RE`CARE supports the physiological blood circulation. This can be especially beneficial for horses sensitive to metabolism. ATCOM RE`CARE is composed of selected herbal extracts. This product is purely herbal in nature and without any additives. Various studies from the human & animal field confirm that the contained herbs have circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory properties*.

Special properties of ATCOM RE'CARE

  • Ideal in combination with ATCOM REHE-VITAL
  • For nutritive support of blood circulation
  • Ginger & willow bark: for more joy of movement
  • Pure natural product: free from chemical additives
  • Without added sugar & starch
  • Selected herbal extracts to support the metabolism

Ideally suited:

  • For horses sensitive to metabolism
  • Can be ideally combined with ATCOM REHE-VITAL

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