ATCOM Selen Zink 1kg

ATCOM Selen Zink 1kg

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ATCOM SELEN ZINK - for the targeted compensation of a selenium and zinc deficiency.

Selenium is - in the right amounts - an important trace element. It has a proven antioxidant function and has a positive effect on the skeletal muscles, liver, reproductive organs, thyroid function and the immune system. Selenium deficiency weakens the immune system. Severe deficiency also leads to degenerative skeletal and cardiac muscle changes, especially in newborn foals in the first days or weeks after birth when pregnant mares have been inadequately supplied with selenium. In older horses, symptoms resembling aggravation have been reported in cases of selenium deficiency.

The trace element zinc plays an important role in almost all processes in the body. It is a component of the skeleton and enzymes, important for collagen synthesis and antibody formation. Zinc is also essential for the immune system and therefore it makes sense to ensure sufficient zinc intake during periods of increased stress, such as a change of stables. Similarly, supplementation of zinc has also proven effective for hoof problems, such as poor horn quality or slow-growing horn, and skin problems, such as sweet itch or mallenders. Zinc plays an extremely important role for the regenerative capacity as well as for the barrier function of the skin.

Since the demand for zinc and selenium can hardly be covered by the basic feed, especially in regions poor in trace elements, both elements should be supplied via a mineral feed and, if necessary, via a special supplement in situations with increased demand. With ATCOM SELEN ZINK you supply your horse with highly available selenium and zinc in predominantly organically bound form. This ensures optimum availability.

Special properties of ATCOM SELEN ZINK

For the targeted compensation of a selenium and zinc deficiency

To support the immune system and increase cell protection

For hooves, skin and coat

For support during the change of coat

Contains organically bound selenium and zinc

Enriched with vitamin E, microalgae and rose hips

Ideally suited:

  • For targeted support in case of a selenium and zinc deficiency
  • for hooves, coat and immune system
  • during the change of coat

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