ATCOM Senior Vital ® 5kg

ATCOM Senior Vital ® 5kg

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The high-quality all-round care for seniors with integrated support for digestion, skin, hoof, liver, immunity and metabolism.

With age, the performance of the digestive tract and the entire metabolic process also decreases in horses. Age-related changes in dentition mean that food processing is already less effective in the mouth than in younger horses. The absorption of nutrients is therefore already reduced when the food reaches the digestive tract. In addition, the ability of the intestine to mix and transport the feed slurry by its own movements is reduced. Furthermore, the efficiency of the digestive tract is also impaired by a lower production of digestive enzymes. This reduces the availability of amino acids in the small intestine. The consequence of all these reduced digestive mechanisms and metabolic processes is inadequate digestion of the nutrients supplied via the basic feed. At the same time, the daily requirement for many trace elements, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids increases. This means that the senior's body needs more vital substances to fully maintain its function. Since this high requirement is often not taken into account in practice, nutritional deficiency symptoms often occur in the older horse, which are not recognized as such. For example, seniors have been shown to require more vitamin C and B vitamins through feeding, as their own synthesis decreases. The need for zinc and selenium also increases. A deficiency quickly occurs, which can manifest itself in the form of coat change problems, loss of vitality, dandruff, poor hair coat or a reduced body's own defenses. A targeted and appropriate supplementation is now urgently needed and can thus prevent serious nutritional deficiency diseases, which can have a negative impact on the overall vitality and also the musculoskeletal system.

Atcom SENIOR-VITAL therefore offers the older horse a premium supply of all vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins with the highest bioavailability and specifically tailored to the needs of the senior. In addition, Atcom SENIOR-VITAL supplies the essential amino acids lysine, methionine, threonine and cystine, which are indispensable as building blocks (e.g. for the muscles, immune system) and for numerous regulatory processes in the horse's body. This reliably supports the reduced amino acid availability. Likewise Atcom SENIOR-VITAL provides the horse with lecithin, bentonites and special yeasts to support the liver and optimize digestion. These natural ingredients also provide proven mycotoxin protection.

As with all Atcom products, we attach great importance to the highest availability of all nutrients and vital substances contained in SENIOR-VITAL. That is why Atcom SENIOR-VITAL contains special yeasts and herbs that not only support the microbial activity of the intestinal flora, but also ensure optimal utilization of all nutrients in the digestive tract. The valuable combination of nutrients further supports the formation of stronger connective tissue on the feeding side. Omega-3 fatty acids are supplied via linseed oil to prevent a deficiency of essential fatty acids. Since the thyroid activity of many older horses is limited, SENIOR-VITAL contains iodine as well as the amino acid tyrosine in its composition. Together with iodine, tyrosine is responsible for the formation of the thyroid hormone thyroxine.
Atcom SENIOR-VITAL is free of artificial flavorings and preservatives and is gently manufactured as a soft, easily chewable pellet.

"Is my horse old?"

Our horses are also "getting on" in years. They age about three times as fast as humans. The average lifespan of a horse has increased over time to about 24 years. Husbandry, care and exercise, as well as feeding in particular, have a significant influence on lifespan and vitality. When exactly a horse is an older or old horse varies from breed to breed. While the so-called robust horses and Arabians do not start aging until they are about 18, this process begins with most horses at about 16 years of age. A clear sign that the horse is getting on in years is primarily a slower winter/summer coat change. If your horse is still in full coat, or at least struggling to change coats, while others already have the summer coat, then this should basically be considered the beginning of progressive aging. But also premature fatigue, significant drop in performance, muscle loss and poor feed condition can be signs of aging. And for you a sure sign that you should now change your horse's diet to take account of its changing needs.

These special properties distinguish Atcom Senior-Vital:

  • complete mineral feed in premium quality ensures in highly available form the basic needs of all essential minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids of the senior and reliably prevents nutritional deficiencies
  • with organically bound copper, manganese, zinc and selenium
  • intestine-supporting vital substance complex and mycotoxin protection from special yeasts, B-vitamins, antioxidants and bentonites
  • SENIOR-VITAL contains active ingredients
  • can support liver function with micronutrients and lecithin
  • supports nutrient utilization and intestinal flora through special yeasts, B vitamins and proven herbs
  • canfacilitatethe coat change
  • for targeted nutritional support of vitality and zest for life
  • with high doses of vitamin E, organic magnesium and essential amino acids for support of muscle metabolism
  • nutritionally supports the body's defenses and thyroid function
  • the high-quality all-round supply intensifies color and shine of the hair coat
  • can promote good hoof horn and hoof growth
  • with integrated optimal selenium supply, as Germany is a selenium deficient area.

Atcom Senior-Vital is ideally suited

  • for high-quality all-round supply specially adapted to the feeding of the Senior

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