Marstall Biotin & Zink 1kg

Marstall Biotin & Zink 1kg

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marstall Biotin & Zink is a feed supplement with biotin and zinc that promotes the development of healthy hoof horn, skin and hair.


  • Biotin and zinc concentrate
  • actively promotes horn growth
  • grain-free, pelleted diet feed
  • gives the hooves more strength
  • lets strong healthy horn grow again
  • with organic zinc and amino acid methionine
  • ensures resistant, smooth hooves

marstall Biotin & Zink is particularly suitable

  • for healthy hoof growth with improved horn quality
  • for mares in foal and lactating mares as well as for foals in growth
  • for horses with hoof problems
  • for horses with problems in the change of coat
  • to counteract a biotin deficiency
  • for feed-based treatment of brittle, cracked, breaking and poorly growing hooves

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