Marstall Darmregulator 3,5kg

Marstall Darmregulator 3,5kg

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marstall Darmregulator is a supplementary feed that offers your horse a triple-action approach to combating watery stools. With a variety of natural and gut-soothing components, Marstall Gut Regulator supports an optimal intestinal environment.


  • Contains 54% Marstall Previta- fibers, a special blend of intestinal-active, prebiotic dietary fibers.
  • with intestinal environment regulating herbs
  • with diatomaceous earth and Levucell
  • with probiotic live yeast
  • regulates and promotes healthy colon flora
  • stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance

marstall Darmregulator is particularly suitable

  • in case of problems with fecal water.

Note: Please check the previous feed hygiene and ration and discuss feeding with your veterinarian.

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