Derby mountain meadow cobs

Derby mountain meadow cobs

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Derby Bergwiesencobs are hay cobs consisting of dried grasses and herbs. They serve as a roughage component for all horses, allergy sufferers and old horses. The cobs are rich in raw fiber and energy, but low in protein. This means that protein-sensitive horses can be fed specifically. Soaked, they can be fed to horses with dental problems, especially when hay and straw can no longer be chewed.


  • grain-free
  • can be soaked
  • natural biodiversity from grasses and herbs
  • low protein content
  • low in dust and allergens

Derby Bergwiesencobs is particularly suitable

  • as ration enhancement for sport and leisure horses
  • for horses with dental problems
  • for old horses
  • for horses with light feed
  • for horses with metabolic diseases (laminitis, Cushing's disease, PSSM, EMS)
  • for horses sensitive to dust (allergic horses)
  • after colic

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