Derby Mash 20kg

Derby Mash 20kg

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Derby Mash corresponds to the original recipe of the old feed masters. The mucilage of the linseed protects the intestinal mucosa, increases the lubricity of the feed mash and reduces the risk of constipation colic. Another plus point is the practical application: As an instantly soluble mash, simply pour lukewarm water over it, stir and administer, eliminating the need for tedious boiling. The finely ground components can be soaked evenly. The tasty recipe is appetizing and supports the change of coat as well as regeneration after increased stress.


  • appetizing
  • can provide coat shine
  • no boiling necessary
  • mucilage of the linseed protects the intestinal mucosa
  • immediately soluble and easy to use
  • regulates digestion

Derby Mash is especially suitable for

  • for dental problems
  • for horses sensitive to colic
  • for older and thinner horses
  • in phases of regeneration
  • to prevent weight loss
  • for support during the change of coat

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