DERBY horse feed Senior-Fit 20kg

DERBY horse feed Senior-Fit 20kg

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Derby Senior Fit is an easily digestible muesli with selected, high-quality components and was specially designed for the supply of older horses. With increasing age, the metabolic activity slowly decreases, so that the special requirements for the supply of nutrients and vital substances, must be taken into account in a balanced feeding. DERBY Senior-Fit provides protein in high quality and meets the requirements of older horses. Vitality is promoted by the feed and a loss of substance is prevented. In addition to the plus of vitamins A, D and E, organically bound trace elements ensure better metabolic availability.


  • can have an appetite stimulating effect
  • provides protein to meet the needs of older horses
  • with the plus of vitamin A,D and E
  • with organically bound trace elements

Derby Senior Fit is especially suitable:

  • for horses with dental problems (can be soaked)
  • for older horses
  • to support an intact digestion


Corn flakes, oat hull bran, apple pomace, barley flakes, soybeans ( toasted ), wheat bran, carob fruit, sugar cane molasses, meadow grass flakes, pea flakes, dried pulp, grain feed meal, soybeans (extruded), corn ( broken down), rapeseed oil, linseed (extr., Exulin), green meal, calcium carbonate, carrots ( tr .), soybean extraction meal (stock), barley, brewer's yeast, alfalfa meal, potato protein, molasses, sodium chloride, magnesium phosphate.

Ingredients (/kg):

Crude protein 14%, crude ash 7.4%, crude oils and fats 5.4%, crude fiber 10.5%, calcium 1.2%, phosphorus 0.65%, sodium 0.45%, magnesium 0.3%, sugar 6.5%, starch 29.5%, energy digestible 11.5 MJ, energy convertible 10.1 MJ, vitamin A 14,400 I.U., vitamin D3 2,700 I.U., Vitamin E 440 mg, Copper (as amino acid - copper - chelate, hydrate) 10 mg, Copper (as copper - (II) - sulfate, pentahydrate) 46 mg, Iron (as amino acid - iron - chelate, hydrate) 3 mg, Iron (as iron - (II) - fumerate) 30 mg, Iron (as iron - (II) - sulfate, monohydrate) 103 mg, Iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1.5 mg, cobalt (as coated cobalt - II - carbonate - granules) 0, 3 mg, manganese (as amino acid - manganese - chelate, hydrate) 21 mg, manganese (as manganese - (II) - oxide) 84 mg, zinc (as amino acid - zinc - chelate, hydrate) 42 mg, zinc (as zinc oxide) 156 mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0,6 mg, technological additives, ammonium propionate, propionic acid,

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