Doskar Glanzspray Exklusiv

Doskar Glanzspray Exklusiv

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Doskar Glanzspray Exklusiv is a particularly skin-friendly spray that intensively cares for and nourishes the long and short hair of horses.


  • is based exclusively on natural substances
  • brings out the full natural color of the coat
  • significantly facilitates combing of mane and tail by loosening tangles and knots
  • creates a silky soft coat with a radiant shine
  • solution for spraying
  • with silk bast, a component of silk fiber, which has a smoothing effect on the coat and intensively moisturizes it
  • pH-neutral and completely harmless to humans and horses
  • does not smear and grease

 Doskar Glanzspray Exklusiv is particularly suitable:

  • for excessive loss of tail hair
  • for horses with sensitive skin
  • for mane and tail hair that is difficult to comb, thick and often knotted
  • for dull and lackluster coat
  • for removal of stains caused by urine, dung, grass etc.

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