Ecoflax Leinenstroh 20kg
Ecoflax Leinenstroh 20kg

Ecoflax Leinenstroh 20kg

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Ecoflax Leinenstroh is a particularly soft and low-dust bedding for horses based on natural flax.


  • absorbs up to 450% of its volume in moisture
  • made from 100% natural flax
  • dedusted flax straw
  • gives a fertile ph-neutral fertilizer
  • is unsurpassed in comfort
  • cost-effective, as 70% less consumption compared to straw
  • reduces the formation of ammonia

Ecoflax Leinenstroh is particularly suitable

  • as a soft and warm carpet pad for your horse
  • for maintaining an optimal stable climate
  • for horses with respiratory diseases and allergies
  • to keep the stall in a hygienic condition for a longer time
  • when a more controlled feeding is desired
  • to reduce the daily workload and bedding as well as disposal costs

Attention: Please do not store plastic-wrapped bales outdoors, as this may result in quality deterioration due to condensation.

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