Effol Drachenblut-Filmpflaster 250ml

Effol Drachenblut-Filmpflaster 250ml

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Effol Drachenblut-Filmpflaster provides convenient and transparent wound protection that is also flexible and can be sprayed on painlessly.


  • also for difficult or hard to reach places
  • based on natural latex of the dragon tree
  • doping-free
  • innovative formula
  • with lactic acid, allantoin and biguanide
  • provides an external, breathable hygienic film

Effol Drachenblut-Filmpflaster is particularly suitable

  • as a painless alternative to wound disinfection with alcohol
  • ensures undisturbed skin regeneration
  • to keep the skin supple and elastic
  • to protect wounds against environmental germs from, for example, dirt, urine and sweat
  • to support moist wound hygiene

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