Effol Huföl mit Pinsel 475ml

Effol Huföl mit Pinsel 475ml

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Effol Huföl with laurel is the ideal all-round protection for intact hooves and provides a beautiful shine.


  • easy and clean application
  • in the practical and stable brush tin
  • with a combination of lanolin, laurel oil and thyme
  • with secure screw cap
  • gives the horse's hoof a long-lasting shine
  • absorbs particularly quickly and well
  • Effol hoof oil comes with a brush that can be screwed into the screw cap of the tin

Effol Huföl with laurel is particularly suitable:

  • for radiant shine and resilient hooves
  • to promote the elasticity of the hoof horn
  • to support the natural development of the hoof and promote healthy hoof growth
  • to prevent cracks in the hoof
  • to make even soft hooves extremely resilient again with regular use
  • to prevent split heels and other hoof diseases

Tip: Applying Effol hoof ointment to the coronet band particularly supports healthy hoof growth! Massaging in the Effol hoof oil intensifies the effect.

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