Eggersmann EMH Classic Müsli
Eggersmann EMH Classic Müsli

Eggersmann EMH Classic Müsli

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Eggersmann EMH Classic Müsli is a classic muesli mixture without oats, which is particularly versatile and can be fed as a sole crib feed or with oats or other cereals.


  • balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio
  • the digestive system is relieved and specifically supported
  • increases the vitality of your horse while maintaining a balanced temperament
  • ideal energy / protein ratio
  • the amount of manger feed can be reduced
  • with an optimally balanced mixture of nutrients and active ingredients
  • with EMH*
  • with high contents of vitamin E and magnesium for muscles and body mass
  • provides for a sustainably improved well-being
  • extremely tasty

Eggersmann EMH Classic Müsli is particularly suitable

  • for normally stressed horses

*EMH is a plant extract fermented by microorganisms from highly effective herbs that have already achieved particularly effective results in horse feeding.

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