Eohippos More Fiber 20kg
Eohippos More Fiber 20kg

Eohippos More Fiber 20kg

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Eohippos More Fiber is a 2in1 fiber feed that can be fed dry or soaked as a `green smoothie`. It is an optimal roughage supplement without grains, molasses and alfalfa. It contains no fillers, no added vitamins and promotes chewing activity very well. Valuable ingredients, such as flaxseed, apple pomace and lignocellulose can additionally support the digestive system.


  • 8 mm pellets
  • rich in fiber
  • without additives
  • dust-free
  • low in starch and sugar

Eohippos More Fiber is especially suitable

  • for horses sensitive to stomach
  • for horses suffering from watery stools
  • for horses with allergies
  • for horses with dental problems
  • for older horses

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