Ewalia Bewegungssaft 1l

Ewalia Bewegungssaft 1l

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Ewalia Bewegungssaft is a supplementary feed to support acute and chronic tendon and joint problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and spavin.


  • Based on traditional herbal recipes
  • based exclusively on herbs of certified pharmacy quality
  • the included devil's claw and willow bark can contribute to the relief of inflammatory symptoms
  • the silicic acid (=silicon) contained in the hollow tooth herb can strengthen the connective tissue
  • innovative dosage form
  • no added preservatives or chemicals
  • easy to dose
  • dandelion and nettle have a positive effect on metabolism and can positively influence kidney function
  • with rosemary to support blood circulation
  • pure herbs in liquid form

Ewalia Bewegungssaft is particularly suitable

  • for acute and chronic tendon and joint problems
  • with arthritis
  • with arthrosis
  • with spat

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