Mühldorfer Happy Mash haferfrei 15kg

Mühldorfer Happy Mash haferfrei 15kg

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Mühldorfer Happy Mash is an oat-free supplementary feed used as an appetizing and regenerating restorative feed for sensitive horses.


  • balanced composition
  • especially tasty
  • dietary mixture
  • oat-free
  • with herbs to stimulate appetite, digestion and metabolism
  • tasty
  • variously composed mash feed
  • is prepared with warm water and left to infuse for about five minutes

Mühldorfer Happy Mash is especially suitable:

  • in bad weather as a warm meal
  • for horses that are sensitive to oats
  • for horses prone to colic and constipation
  • for horses with bite or chewing problems
  • for heavy-fed or old horses
  • after major exertion
  • to keep your horse healthy
  • for convalescence after operations, colic or other digestive disorders

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