Mühldorfer Heucobs staubfrei 20kg

Mühldorfer Heucobs staubfrei 20kg

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Mühldorfer Heucobs staubfrei is as a dust-free "quality product from Upper Bavaria" the ideal roughage substitute for your horse.


  • also suitable for automatic feeders
  • made from the best meadow growth from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps
  • guarantees constant quality - all year round
  • highest digestibility
  • no soaking necessary, thus optimal feed intake
  • free of molasses
  • rich in natural vital substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements)
  • tasty and healthy
  • dust-free - also and especially suitable for allergy sufferers

Mühldorfer Heucobs staubfrei is particularly suitable:

  • as a roughage alternative
  • for older horses with hay intake problems
  • for all breeds of horses
  • for allergy sufferers
  • for controlled feeding
  • for ration enhancement or in case of poor roughage quality

Note: We recommend always soaking hay cobs before feeding!

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