Höveler Pur.itan 20kg
Höveler Pur.itan 20kg

Höveler Pur.itan 20kg

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Höveler Pur.itan is a complete muesli without molasses and grain components. Thus, a healthy and varied feeding of horses with sensitive metabolism is possible. Original PUR.ITAN can be used for feeding sport and leisure horses and ensures the supply of the horse with all necessary vital substances due to a completely vitaminized and mineralized recipe. The strong reduction of easily digestible carbohydrates supports a healthy metabolism. Due to the balanced content of amino acids and energy, Original Höveler PUR.ITAN is an important building block in feeding. Components with prebiotic-active ingredients such as pectins support the horses' digestion and well-being.


  • Protein and energy range in the medium range
  • grain-free
  • no additional load from pollen
  • completely vitaminized and mineralized concentrated feed
  • molasses-free
  • with significantly reduced starch and sugar content
  • with linseed oil and sunflower oil
  • with alfalfa hay
  • stimulates the chewing activity

Höveler Puritan is especially suitable

  • for allergy sufferers
  • for leisure or sport horses
  • for horses with metabolic problems such as equine Cushing's syndrome, laminitis, EMS, PSSM
  • to counteract a structural overacidification of the gastrointestinal tract

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