Höveler Puritan Pur Sport 20kg
Höveler Puritan Pur Sport 20kg

Höveler Puritan Pur Sport 20kg

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Höveler Puritan.Sport offers the possibility to feed horses that have to be fed grain- and molasses-free in a high-quality and demand-oriented way.PUR.SPORT is not only suitable for horses with a stressed metabolism and sensitive gastrointestinal tract but for all horses used for sports that have to be fed starch- and sugar-reduced. PUR.SPORT contains the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and optimally supports muscle development. The carefully selected components, the content of natural essential amino acids and sufficient energy make Pur.Sport a healthy and tasty alternative to conventional sport horse feed! It supports your horse to reach its full potential!


  • grain and molasses free
  • can support muscle development
  • with apple pomace
  • with brewer's yeast
  • with linseed
  • with linseed oil
  • with lucerne
  • Muesli
  • rich in native vitamins
  • rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Höveler Puritan.Sport is especially suitable

  • for horses with grain allergy
  • for horses with laminitis
  • for horses with metabolic diseases
  • for sport horses with high load

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