Höveler Reformin Plus 10kg

Höveler Reformin Plus 10kg

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Höveler Reformin Plus was designed according to scientific and practical findings to close supply gaps in the daily feed. As a vitamin and mineral supplement, Reformin Plus enables a balanced and healthy supply for your horse. This is because it is not uncommon for the usual rations to have significant deficiencies in the supply of minerals and vitamins. Frequently, the basic feed used also has site-related deficiencies in numerous trace elements (e.g. selenium, copper, iodine, etc.).


  • Contains all vitamins in concentrations that cover requirements.
  • Supplementary feed for horses
  • excellent supplement of all minerals
  • pelleted
  • composition constantly controlled in the laboratory
  • supports the metabolic processes of the body
  • developed by scientists in cooperation with experienced practitioners

Höveler Reformin Plus is especially suitable

  • for breeding and sport horses
  • to promote vitality and performance
  • for feeding in phases in which metabolic processes are intensified
  • for the prevention of feeding-related deficiency symptoms

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