Marstall Isi-Robust 20kg

Marstall Isi-Robust 20kg

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marstall Isi is a special oat-free feed developed especially for light-feeding horses in robust husbandry to compensate for nutrient deficiencies in hay-grass feeding and to provide an adequate supply of energy.


  • balanced and vital substance-rich formula
  • guarantees a safe and healthy supply
  • hydrothermally digested cereals
  • combination with oats or sport mueslis is possible without any problems
  • with natural herbs and aromatic garlic granules
  • with raw fiber cobs and alfalfa structure as a gently digestible energy substrate
  • with a specially balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • low protein content
  • without oats
  • promotes purchase and has a satiating effect

marstall Isi is particularly suitable

  • as a natural and wholesome diet
  • for all performance classes
  • for Icelandic horses, Haflingers, Fjord horses, Connemaras, Freibergers, Criollos and cold-blooded horses etc.
  • for light footed horses or breeds
  • for horses in rugged conditions

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