Mühldorfer Kieselgur 2kg

Mühldorfer Kieselgur 2kg

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Mühldorfer Kieselguhr is a marine fossil product which, as a supplementary feed, can play an essential, supporting role in the development of bones, skin and hoof. It consists mainly of silicon, the essential building block of connective tissue cells, which is largely responsible for structure and firm support.


  • Promotes hoof horn strength and hair growth
  • high acceptance
  • with healing zinc, algae meal, brewer's yeast and wheat bran
  • powder
  • has a detoxifying effect in the intestine and can bind toxins

Mühldorfer Kieselguhr is especially suitable

  • for horses in the change of coat
  • for horses with joint problems
  • for horses with hoof problems
  • for supportive administration in case of arthrosis
  • for the supportive administration in case of sweet itch
  • to improve the body's resistance
  • to improve the healing of pathological skin changes
  • to improve the appearance of the skin

This supplementary feed may only be administered to horses and according to feeding instructions!

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