DERBY Sport Plus 25kg

DERBY Sport Plus 25kg

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Derby Sport Plus , the pelleted feed for all sport horses with increased performance demands. Especially sport horses need quickly available energy in an easily digestible form. In addition to carbohydrates, which are already well digested in the small intestine, DERBY Sport offers important nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins in a balanced ratio. Due to the high digestion of the components, performance horses should be able to get by with even a comparatively small amount of DERBY Sport feed.


  • high vitamin E content
  • provides energy
  • plus lecithin
  • strengthens the nerves
  • contributes to calmness, strength, composure and serenity
  • supports the performance
  • improves digestion

Derby Sport Plus is particularly suitable

  • as a supplier of quickly available energy
  • for sport horses with increased performance demands
  • to support the nervous strength
  • to support muscle building

According to ADMR no grace period.

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