Tocks Landmüsli Senior 20kg
Tocks Landmüsli Senior 20kg

Tocks Landmüsli Senior 20kg

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Tocks-Landmüsli-Senior has been specially developed for older horses,

  • to prevent weight loss due to aging and bad teeth
  • has a high natural crude fiber content (with alfalfa and grass chaff)
  • has a high natural fat content (with sunflower seeds, rice bran and linseed cake)
  • contains high quality protein
  • is lightly molassed and dust-free
  • contains brewer's yeast for healthy function and development of intestinal flora

Short info

Supplementary feed for horses
Without oats.


Barley (toasted, rolled), alfalfa meal, corn, wheat bran,oat hull bran, soybean extraction meal, linseed cake, sugar beet molasses, sunflower, carob, rice bran, calcium carbonate, brewer's yeast

Analytical constituents:
12.50% crude protein, 11.50% crude fiber, 0.60% calcium, 2.50% crude fat/oil, 6.00% crude ash, 0.40% phosphorus, 0.2% sodium

Additivesper kg: Nutritional physiological additives:
10.000 I.E. vitamin A (3a672a) as vitamin A preparation, 1000 I.E. vitamin D3 (3a671), 75 mg vitamin E (3a700) as vitamin E preparation

Technological additives:
calcium propionate

Feeding instructions

see website

Packaging unit

20 kg bag

Practical tip

If your older horse has dental problems and therefore can no longer chew its roughage properly, you can feed a hay substitute e.g. Senior Express.

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