LEXA Allgäuwiesen Müsli 15kg

LEXA Allgäuwiesen Müsli 15kg

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The grain-free muesli with the power of nature from the Allgäu. With gently dried meadow green, natural substances such as flax expeller, brewer's yeast and bentonites to support digestion and metabolism.

  • ideally suited for horses sensitive to metabolism and cereals
  • high-quality concentrate substitute for horses that feed lightly
  • low in sugar and starch, free of molasses

Special properties of Allgäuwiesen Müsli:

  • With gently dried meadow greens
  • with alfalfa rich in structure to promote chewing intensity and support the digestive tract
  • low in sugar and starch, free of molasses
  • Flax expeller, sunflower cake, alfalfa and brewer's yeast provide highly available protein to support overall muscle tone and vitality
  • black cumin, linseed, linseed oil and rapeseed oil provide high quality essential fatty acids for skin, coat and metabolism
  • without added minerals, vitamins and trace elements for an optimal amount of use depending on the individual energy needs of the horse

More and more frequently, horses are intolerant to cereals, which can manifest itself through numerous symptoms. Allgäuwiesen Müsli has therefore been specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of grain-sensitive horses. This starch- and sugar-reduced muesli is completely grain-free. A moderate energy supply is obtained from gently dried meadow greens, vital substance-rich alfalfa, sunflower cake from hulled seeds and flax expeller. The high proportion of structure-rich alfalfa reliably promotes chewing intensity and thus supports the entire gastrointestinal tract. Mucilage-rich linseed and brewer's yeast can additionally optimize the entire digestive system and ensure a shiny coat and long hair. Natural vital substances from carrot cubes bring natural nutrients into the ration without burdening the horse. High-quality black cumin and linseed oil round
the recipe with essential fatty acids and thus strengthen the entire metabolism, digestion, skin and hair. In addition, bentonite can help bind toxins and heavy metals and eliminate them. Allgäuwiesen Muesli does not contain any added minerals, vitamins and trace elements and is therefore ideally suited for targeted combination with our LEXA mineral feed range to provide an individual supplement.


Meadow grass (grass, dried), beet pulp (molasses-free + low-sugar), fine expeller meal, alfalfa cut, apple pomace, alfalfa meal, rapeseed oil, brewer's grains, black cumin, sunflower cake from hulled seed, pea flakes, brewer's yeast, carrot cubes, linseed oil

Feeding recommendation

To be used as sole concentrate feed as needed.

Recommended dosage: Large horses up to 1 kg per day. Ponies and small horses up to 700 g per day.

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