LEXA Bronchi Liquid 1l

LEXA Bronchi Liquid 1l

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LEXA® Bronchi-Liquid contains seven selected herbs for respiratory support in a liquid formulation. The specially balanced herbs can facilitate healthy and vigorous respiratory function and are ideal for support during the winter months as well as dry air.

Special features of Bronchi-Liquid:

  • Liquid formulation of proven herbs for the respiratory system.
  • Support for the respiratory tract
  • Molasses free


Liquid herbal extract (fennel seeds whole, yarrow herb, rose hip fine cut, lemon balm herb cut, peppermint leaves cut, marshmallow root cut, glycerin vegetable, licorice root juice ground)

Feeding recommendation

Large horses: 30 ml per day
Ponies and small horses: 15 ml per day

Do not feed to pregnant mares

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