LEXA Derma Mineral 4.5 kg

LEXA Derma Mineral 4.5 kg

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High-quality mineral feed especially for horses with skin and coat problems. Derma-Mineral contains a bioavailable supply of minerals, vitamins and trace elements which is specifically combined with grape seeds, seaweed, black cumin oil, diatomaceous earth, bentonites, linseed oil and special yeasts.

  • grain-free
  • specially adapted for horses with sensitive skin and coat
  • with the extra plus of zinc, manganese and selenium
  • with organically bound trace elements for optimal bioavailability
  • enriched with natural vital substances from diatomaceous earth, bentonites, seaweed, black cumin oil, linseed oil and hemp oil for targeted support of skin and coat
  • with 50.000 µg biotin for skin and hoof

Derma-Mineral provides horses prone to skin and coat problems such as mallenders, itching or sweet itch with a very high quality supply of essential minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Derma-Mineral provides the horse with an additional supply of zinc, manganese and selenium, as these important trace elements are essential for an intact skin metabolism. For optimal availability of these essential trace elements in the body, we rely in Derma-Mineral on a high proportion of organically bound trace elements. These trace elements, together with high-quality B vitamins and biotin, can thus support skin and coat. Derma-Mineral also contains diatomaceous earth and seaweed, which are natural micronutrient sources that can promote a shiny coat and overall vitality. Bentonites can have an additional positive effect on metabolism and detoxification, in that these natural clay minerals can bind heavy metals and excrete them in a proven way. To support cell regeneration, Derma-Mineral is formulated with the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Black cumin oil, hemp oil and linseed oil provide essential fatty acids that can have a supportive effect on skin and hair.


Carbonic acid algal lime, monocalcium phosphate, fine flax expeller meal, sugar beet molasses, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, yeast, vegetable fat (coconut), magnesium oxide, linseed oil, hemp oil, seaweed meal, black cumin oil, canola oil.

Feeding recommendation:

20 g daily per 100 kg body weight.

Large horses: 90 to 150 g per day
Small horses, ponies: 40 to 80 g per day.

Avoid simultaneous oral administration of macrolides.

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