LEXA Gastro Akute 1kg

LEXA Gastro Akute 1kg

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High quality supplementary feed for horses sensitive to stomach.

Note: Do not administer Gastro Akut on competition days (Aloe Vera is according to ADMR Annex 2 on the list of prohibited substances - unauthorized medication (prohibited in competition)).

High quality supplementary feed for horses sensitive to stomach.

  • stabilizing property on the stomach pH due to the use of magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate as acid buffers
  • with lecithin to support the protective layer of the stomach mucosa
  • contains high quality aloe-vera. Aloe vera has long been known for its supportive and harmonizing effect on the stomach and digestive tract
  • With high-quality antioxidants (vitamin E, selenium) as well as zinc for cell protection and mucous membranes

Ideal for:

  • horses sensitive to stomach


Fine flax expeller meal, oat meal, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, alfalfa green meal, aloe vera, linseed oil

Feeding recommendation:

Large horses: daily dosage 30 g Gastro Akut.

Ponies and small horses: 20 g Gastro Akut.

Divide daily amount evenly among the crib feed meals and mix into the crib feed.

We recommend a cure of 3 to 5 weeks depending on the sensitivity.

As concentrated feed, we recommend the use of Vitalmix Gastro for horses with stomach sensitivity.

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