LEXA Herz-Kreislauf-Elixier 1l

LEXA Herz-Kreislauf-Elixier 1l

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LEXA® Cardiovascular Elixir is a highly concentrated support for cardiovascular function. Provides a beneficial contribution during stressful weather conditions (weather changes, sweltering temperatures, heat waves) after long transports and stress, and for older horses with declining cardiovascular function.

Herbs in Cardiovascular Elixir:

  • Hawthorn and Ginkgo have been used for centuries for circulatory problems and have an invigorating effect
  • Maca root can have a positive effect on physical performance and mental resilience
  • Ginseng is known as an adaptogen and a tonic
  • Mistletoe is traditionally used to strengthen the overall cardiovascular function
  • Mate herb has a stimulating effect and is traditionally used for circulatory weaknesses

Herbs in high concentration and processed as an elixir.

Ideally suited:

  • for nutritional support of natural heart and circulatory function
  • with ginseng, hawthorn, ginkgo, maca and mate
  • liquid herbal elixir versatile for use in stressful weather conditions, stress, declining cardiovascular function in old age
  • herbs in certified quality
  • can be easily added to any ration


Liquid herbal extract of (hawthorn leaves and flowers cut, ginkgo leaves cut, mate leaves cut, maca root cut, mistletoe herb cut, cardiac herb cut, ginseng root cut), glycerine, vegetable

Feeding recommendation

Large horses: 30-50ml daily
Small horses: 15-25 ml daily

Attention: do not feed to pregnant mares.

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